We can prepare communications and presentations for the best congresses and we can write articles for you for publication in the best international indexed journals.

We are aware of your many occupations and time constraints, and that you need to ensure the publication of your research in the best journals, which have increasingly demanding selection requirements. It is necessary to provide a good introduction and a discussion in the articles, based on what is known; this means that you must carry out systematic reviews before you start writing. Materials and methods must be sufficiently detailed so that the study can be repeated. You need to include representative proof (photographs, tables, or figures), as well as an appropriate statistical study of the data to determine significance values (p). Full proficiency in scientific English and technical terminology of your speciality are also needed. Moreover, you have to adapt the text to meet the journal's publication standards, which may vary, taking into account that presentation letters for the editors, as well as other bureaucratic aspects, must also be carefully polished to prevent the rejection of the article. In all these areas, we are experts.

We provide you with expert and effective assistance that enables fast delivery of precise and high quality texts that are generally accepted for publication in the first iteration.


If you collaborate with the industry as a clinical promoter for one of its products, we will help you write the documents you need to promote them in the market from a medical point of view. From the information you provide to us, we will take care of everything for you.


You can choose to have us participate with you in your clinical research, or to collaborate with you, taking into account that we will remain unmentioned in your research. All the publications promoted on this website are our own research, in which we have participated as authors or co-authors. Nevertheless, many other published articles belong to other authors that have requested our support services. In these cases, we act as advisors, not co-authors; the articles are not ours, and so we do not announce them, either in this website or in any other way, and we keep them strictly confidential.

Our success is your satisfaction with our work. We adapt to your needs and preferences and we help you in any possible way with the utmost discretion. We provide you with a rigorous statistical study of your data, and we ensure you attain the publication of your article, under the agreed conditions, in your preferred journal.

If you are in charge of a clinical study for a new technology and you need a bibliographical review to begin working, or to update your knowledge, we can also assist you. We can prepare a systematic review for you, or a meta-analysis, and publish it in a journal. Not only will it be useful for your approaches, expositions and conferences, but you will also have an important publication.

If you have tried to publish your work in the past, but it has been rejected, do not worry. We have a 100 per-cent rescue rate for rejected articles. We assess you on the aspects that should be removed and on every necessary modification and extension to make your study viable. We guarantee the publication of your study in a journal indexed in Medline with an impact factor.


  • Advice on clinical trial methodology.
  • Advice on the publishing policies of scientific and medical journals.
  • Research and selection of scientific articles to elaborate documents.
  • Preparation of photographs and production of graphics, tables and figures for speeches or written presentations.
  • Writing and publication of systematic reviews and meta-analysis.
  • Preparation of product monographs.
  • Results assessment and statistical data analysis.
  • Writing of original scientific articles for publication in journals indexed in Medline with an impact factor.
  • Other clinical research support services, provided on demand.